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NW Atlanta’s Trophy Drop-off Location

Wild West Traders in now the exclusive drop-off location for Broderick Head’s Taxidermy. After leaving the meat processor, just drop off your trophy at Wild West Traders during regular business hours and let the rest be handled by the staff of Broderick Head’s Taxidermy. Over the past 37 years, Broderick Head's Taxidermy has continued to produce the highest quality taxidermy services while providing the best value to their customers.

Fin, Feathers or Fur……..How it Works

Step 1 - Bag a trophy.

Step 2 - After you leave the meat processor with the trophy parts (antlers, fins, feathers, or fur, etc.), drop them off at Wild West Traders and we will store them in our Wild Game Freezer set to preserve the mount for taxidermy. There is a 50% deposit on all mounts payable to Wild West Traders at the time of drop-off. The deposit is based off of Broderick Head’s Taxidermy Pricing List. There are no additional charges by WWT. Your receipt from Wild West Traders is your proof of purchase; therefore, your mount is placed in line based on the date of drop-off.

Step 3 - Next you will contact Broderick Head’s Taxidermy in Roopville, GA at 770-854-4432 to discuss the specifics of how you want your trophy mounted. If you wish, bring a picture of a trophy mount from a magazine or a color photo of a mount and we’ll include it with the trophy. Photo's help the taxidermist recreate the mount to your expectations. A member from Broderick Head’s Taxidermy will retrieve your animal on their next run to WWT and take it to their Shop to begin the taxidermy process. On average, Broderick Head’s Taxidermy picks up within 3 days of notification.

Step 4 - Once the mount is ready, you will be contacted. The mount will be returned to Wild West Traders and stored until you pick it up and complete the transaction. There are no additional charges by WWT.

Trophy Care

Skinning - The process of skinning out a trophy animal is best left to someone who knows how to do it. Damage to a hide is costly to repair. Some types of damage simply cannot be "fixed". Warm, humid weather accelerates bacteria growth. In remote areas a competent person may be required to cape out the hide in order to preserve it.

Leave the Details to the Taxidermist - From experience, leaving the detail skinning to the taxidermist, especially around the delicate nose, mouth, eyes, and ears, is invaluable for producing a quality mount.

Cool Down and Refrigerate – Cool down or freeze the specimen as soon as is feasible.

Large Game - Avoid dragging the animal out of the woods. The animal should be skinned leaving the head intact and a large capeskin attached.

Small Game - Do not gut your small mammal. As soon as the carcass cools, put it in a plastic bag and get it to the freezer.

Birds of all Sizes - Do not gut your birds. Definitely rinse off any blood on the feathers with water. Be careful of the feathers. Most birds' broken bones, scull, beak and feet can be repaired.

Fish and Swims - Do not gut your fish. Put it in a plastic bag making sure all the fins are flat against the fish's body to prevent breakage, and freeze it.


If you're looking for competitive prices, a terrific selection, and one of the best ranges in the state, you'll want to stop by often.


If you're looking for competitive prices, a terrific selection, and one of the best ranges in the state, you'll want to stop by often.


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