Wild West Traders

All Day Range Rates
Weekday $12 | Weekend $14

Shooting Range Hours
Sunday 11am to 5:30pm
Monday closed
Tuesday – Thursday 11am to 6pm
Friday - Saturday 9am to 7:30pm

Last shooter allowed onto the range 30 minutes before range closes. First hour on Saturday mornings half of the firing range is reserved for Shooting Club Members only. The Shop is open to everyone during these hours.

Indoor Pistol & Rifle Range
Wild West Traders maintains one of the most established in-door ranges in the state of Georgia with twelve, well-lighted, ventilated and climate controlled 25-yard lanes featuring an electronic target retrieval system. We're extremely proud of our range; in fact, our customers tell us it's the cleanest range they've ever seen.
Full Auto Fridays $15
Full Auto Fridays are FUN like you've not had before! This is the one day a week you can pull the happy trigger for LESS! Rent our MP5 Full Auto Machine Gun for $15 instead of our regular $20 weekly price. No RSVP Required. First come, first serve. Come put your hands on some bare knuckle full auto fun at Wild West Traders!

MP5 Full Auto Machine Gun Rental $20
Includes: MP5 Full Auto Machine Gun rental + 2 unloaded 30rd mags

MP5 Full Auto Machine Gun Experience $62
Includes: MP5 Full Auto Machine Gun rental + Range Fee + 3 loaded 30rd mags

MP5 Loaded 30 Round Mags $10
Includes: MP5 Full Auto Machine Gun 1 loaded 30rd mag

MP5 Full Auto Fridays $15
Includes: MP5 Full Auto Machine Gun rental + 2 unloaded 30rd mags

Experience & Age Requirements

Experienced shooters are allowed on the range without prior instruction, or coaching. Everyone must provide proper ID and sign a Range Ticket before proceeding onto the range.

NO inexperienced shooters are allowed on the range without an escort, and/or prior instruction, coaching, and approval of the Range Safety Officer. Inexperienced shooters will be allowed to shoot if escorted by an experienced shooter that stays with them at all times. It is the responsibility of the experienced shooter to insure range safety. The Range Safety Officer will also monitor range safety. Wild West Traders staff are on duty in the showroom and not available for escort.

Anyone under 21 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at least 25 years of age. The only exception to this age limit is military personnel (Active and Reserve) wherein the shooter must be accompanied by an adult at least 21 years of age.

Young shooters (7 to 18 years of age) are only allowed to shoot on the range with their parent or guardian; one young shooter per adult. Non-shooting children are not allowed on the range nor are they to be left unaccompanied in the showroom while adults or siblings shoot.

Calibers & Loads

This is an indoor 25 yard range ideally suited for pistols and pistol load rifles. Rifles and shotguns are allowed, but the effectiveness of practicing is limited due to the distance downrange and width of the lanes.

Pistols & Pistol Load Rifles
For range use we allow pistols and pistol load rifles up to 45 calibers on lanes 1 through 12. Magnum calibers must use lanes 10 - 12.

For range use we allow rifles up to 22 with regular load ammo. Above 22 we require that you switch over to frangible ammo. Shoot your .223 or 5.56, but use frangible ammo. In the Shop we regularly carry frangible ammo in .223 and 5.56.

For range use we allow shotguns up to 12 gauges, but require frangible ammo for all. In the Shop we regularly carry frangible ammo in 12 gauges.

Class III NFA Items
For range use you may shoot your Class III NFA items on our range at our discretion. You must have a copy of your Tax Stamp present and all NFA items must be declared to the Range Safety Officer. We require that you use frangible.

Other Firearms
Sorry, we do not allow muzzleloaders, airsoft, or paint guns.

No steel core or steel jacketed ammunition. No incendiary or tracer ammunition. No armor piercing ammunition.


We have a wide variety of small and large paper targets, including: silhouette, sight-in, and novelty targets. You may also shoot your own cardboard or paper targets as well.

Gun Rentals

Wild West Traders does rent firearms. Our everyday low price is $15.00 for the first gun and $10 each for any others rented on the same ticket. Firearm rentals must use ammo purchased in our store.

This rate is a one-time rate for the day to use any range gun, or guns, in stock. For others consideration, and based on how many people are wanting to try guns, please limit taking only one range rental gun out on the line at a time. The Range Safety Officer will decide maximum rentals allowed on the shooting line at any one time.

We want your experience with our rental firearms to be safe and enjoyable. To ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment to rent one of our guns you must either:

Keep your receipt handy if you leave and plan on returning. If you do leave and return you must get in line with other shooters to use the rental firearms.

Only frangible ammo may be used with long gun and shotgun rentals.

Shooting Club

Membership really has its benefits at Wild West Traders. Next time you are in the Shop, ask for more details about our annual memberships.

$195 per Individual Membership for 1 year of unlimited shooting.
$250 per Family Membership (Adults & children 18 and under in same home).
$150 per Half-Year Membership for 6 months of unlimited shooting.

All memberships also include: - A $25 gift credit towards the purchase of a new gun. Certain restrictions apply, not valid on used or allocation guns.
- Six Guest Passes a year.
- Discounted range ammo & targets.
- Reduced rates on rental guns.
- Free use of eye and ear protection.
- Membership Card.
- Monthly Member Only Specials

Range Rules

Shooting Range

City’s best rates at one of the most established indoor ranges in Metro Atlanta with twelve, well-lighted, ventilated and climate controlled 25-yard lanes. $12 All Day ~ Any Day

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Club Memberships

Range Memberships at Wild West Traders really do have their benefits with unlimited range usage, priority pass, Club seating, discounted range ammo, FREE Gun Safety Class, Birthday machine gun rental, and more.

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Professional Training

Having the right gun is every bit as important as learning how to use it. We offer professional training by a NRA Certified Instructor in open class form, private lessons, or tailored to your group for your specific needs.

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    Our selection of ammo includes pistol and rifle target rounds, personal defense rounds, and safety slugs in just about every caliber you'll need for target defense, competition, or just plain plinking.
    Finding what holster fits your gun in a carry style that's right for you can be hard. Online and in the store we carry the holsters you want at the prices you want.
    Need a specialized hard or soft case for your handgun or long gun, or a nice range bag? We've got them in stock. If you don't see the right holster for your gun, just ask and we can order it for you.

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